One last time


14th March, 2020

It was a normal Saturday for all of us. We all were relaxed because we were getting a day off after working hard for 6 days. Little were we aware that we were going to miss this stressful time for the next 6 months. For few of us, those were the last few moments left to enjoy before the rush to earn money began. All of us, who then felt like college life should be over soon, now miss it. 

Now that we are at home for about 4-5 months, we miss the hurrying up to college to avoid being scolded by professors, we miss the bunking of lectures, hanging out with friends and having a cup of tea shared by two. 

The place that annoyed us the most, is now the place we miss a lot. Few of us will be able to live those days again and few of us won’t. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, whatsoever may the reason be. 

Just in few months, when all the things are back on track again, all of us will be out of our homes again, but most of us won’t be together. After 4 years of being together, we all will have to go in different directions for the sake of earning. As the people who passed out earlier said, gradually the bond between all of us will fade away and we all will be merely contacts in each others’ phones. Some of us will call others on their birthdays, while the others won’t bother. But I can certainly say that we all will miss each other. 

At the end, we all have countless moments in memories that we want to relive once again, but there is a barrier of responsibilities on all of us which stops us from being together forever. But I can say with certainty that all of us will think of this life atleast once in a day irrespective of busy schedules.